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Blog Posts in 2017

  • 3 Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore With Your A/C

    We've all been there─ that moment when you're checking your wallet and silently hoping that sheer will power will make the A/C work again . While we completely understand, there are some things you definitely shouldn't ignore. Ignoring them would mean that you may have to replace your entire system, which will cost you more money in the end. So to save you both time and money, here's: 1. If you ...
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  • 7 Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

    Check out these quick and inexpensive solutions to saving on your energy costs this Summer: Check Your Temperature When you are at home in the evening, keep the temperature set at what is going to be comfortable to you. For most people that is between 70° to 75°. If you are going to be gone for more than four hours, most industry experts recommend a setting of 78 degrees during the summer. On ...
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  • 8 Things to Check Before Calling a Service Technician

    The moment arrives─ you know something isn't right with your air conditioner and you’re debating on whether you need to call a HVAC service professional, or look for the problem yourself. Wait before picking up the phone, and try these solutions first. It could save you valuable time, and money! You can find our video covering this here. 1. Believe it or not, we get a few calls like these during ...
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  • How to Save on Utilities and Prevent System Breakdowns

    Summer is fast approaching, which in Dallas means that our AC units are about to get a major workout. Household cooling systems are an essential part of home comfort and safety in Texas. It's also the time of year that our energy consumption goes up and our monthly bills skyrocket. Though little can be done when you chose health and comfort over cost, here are a few tips on keeping your home ...
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  • What You Should Know Before Purchasing Filters

    If you’ve spent any time at the store and browsed the filter section, you probably have come across these ratings: MERV or FPR (at Home Depot) and MPR. What do these mean? Well, each of them actually stand for something slightly different but essentially mean the same thing. Here's a snapshot of what they mean: MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value is the primary rating for filters in the ...
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  • How to Test Your Indoor Air Quality

    Most of us are aware that HVAC techs can install a special filtration system designed to purify indoor air. While, you may notice the difference in air quality, you might not know how to test your environment or if you even need to. HVAC professionals can test this for you, however, if you’re not yet ready to take that step─ here are some simple, and affordable solutions. Mold Testing Believe it ...
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  • Stay Connected with Air Force One Air Conditioning

    The skilled HVAC professionals at Air Force One Air Conditioning has provided superior quality AC and heating repair, installation, and maintenance services to residential and commercial clients throughout the greater Dallas area for more than 25 years. With 24/7 availability, competitive pricing, and an unshakable dedication to providing an outstanding customer experience every time, their team ...
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  • What We Do at Spring Tune-Up Time

    Have you ever wondered what it is we do when we visit your home and do your spring tune-up? Join Kevin as he talks about some of what we do! To view our blog over cleaning your coils, visit here . Have questions, or concerns? Call our service professionals today!
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  • Keeping Your Outdoor Unit Pest Free

    Air conditioners are a major investment for homeowners. If you have an efficient model that was properly installed, and keep up with maintaining your unit, your HVAC system should last well over 15 years. It's rare that we come across too many cases of ants in people's AC units, but these tiny insects can cause some big problems . When ants choose to set up residence in your HVAC unit they often ...
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  • How To Clean Your Outside Air Conditioning Condenser Unit

    Keeping your air conditioner 's condenser coils clean and free from debris can allow your unit to run more efficiently and extend its lifespan. Many people choose to clean their air conditioners in the springtime, ensuring it is in top condition just before the heat of summer hits. Here are a few steps on keeping your outside unit clean and keeping your system running efficiently for the warmer ...
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  • Improve Indoor Air Quality and Reduce Allergens

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the average American spends an astounding 93% of their life indoors . 87% of that is indoors, and then an additional 6% is in cars or public transportation. That’s only around 7% of your entire life outdoors─ which really puts it all into a different perspective. Since we are spending more time than ever indoors, it's extremely important to ...
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  • How to Reduce Humidity in Your Home

    Humidity is a reoccurring issue that begins with your system. Most modern AC Systems are capable of regulating humidity. Your HVAC System has an evaporator coil that condenses water vapor from the air, in a process that you may have seen when condensation appears on the outside of a glass containing a cold beverage. This process occurs when hot, moist air in your home comes in contact with the ...
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  • How Often Should You Change Your Filters?

    Before we talk about how often you should change out your filters, let's look at why. Every homeowner's goal is to maintain a comfortable living space without spending a small fortune on utility bills. One of the best ways to improve home comfort and energy efficiency is to pay attention to your filters. Use these tips for getting the most out of your air filters and see what a big difference it ...
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  • 4 Tips to Keep Your Heating and Air Conditioning Unit from Breaking Down

    Have you ever wondered if you could be doing more to extend the life of your heating and air conditioning unit? Here are some common mistakes and solutions on how to maintain your system throughout the year. 1. Heating up the Thermostat Covering up a thermostat will certainly heat it up, but direct sunlight and lamps, televisions, stereos, or other heat generators that are too close can ...
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  • Low Refrigerant Myths─ What Should You Believe?

    It's an odd time of year for people in North Texas. We go from freezing temperatures one week, to summer weather the next. Which means─ it's hard on our outside units. How often have you heard the term 'low Freon' floating around? Perhaps it was your neighbor's suggestion to re-fill it, or even an HVAC tech that explained that you could. If you have ever received this advice, it is false. If your ...
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